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Cicaful Ampoule II

Cicaful Ampoule II

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Exp. Date: 03.20.2023

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Beplain Cicaful Ampoule ll is a highly concentrated nourishing ampoule loaded with over 81% Centella Asiatica extract, a verified ingredient for soothing and protecting sensitive skin. 

Relief / Active antioxidant complex acts as a calming agent that reduces visible damage and irritation on your skin. 

Repair / Potent formula helps replenish the necessary nourishment to bolster skin barrier function, improving skin's natural defense. 

Hydrate / Refreshing Hyaluronic acid helps attract and hold essential moisture. 

Key Ingredients:

Centella Asiatica Extract
Effectively helps soothe and protect the skin from irritation

Sodium Hyaluronate & Hyaluronic Acid
Attracts and holds essential moisture to reinforce the moisture level of the skin

10X More Allantoin and Panthenol
More gentle and hydration to enhance the soothing effect of Centella

How to Use: Prep your skin with a toner -> Apply a few drops and gently pat until fully absorbed -> Follow with a moisturizer or lotion

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