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About Dewyork

There are no problems with the products due to various circumstances of the producers, but it is a 'B-grade general merchandise shopping mall' where carefully selected good products are gathered among the products that should be disposed of cheaply. Contribute to saving resources by recreating value such as expiring and expiring B-grade products, which are discarded over 1 trillion won annually, and provide consumers with opportunities for precise purchases and wise consumption. In addition, we will encourage producers to increase profits and increase production motivation through product promotion and expansion of distribution channels. We want to open up a new secondary market where goods are supplied directly to consumers at the lowest prices.

Expire soon

Distribution Expired Products, The expiration date does not refer to the expiration period of the food, but rather the date when retail stores can legally sell it to consumers. If the expiration date is 30 months, it is a product that can be used after purchase without any problems.


All manufacturing companies produce in large quantities by default because they can lower the cost of production when producing in large quantities, distribution companies buy in large quantities to lower their costs, and importers import in large quantities to be cost-competitive. However, for a variety of unexpected reasons, inventories incur large costs, including storage costs. Since all goods can decrease in value or disappear over time, so we sell some of the inventory you have at a fire sale price.

Blemished / Bad Container Products.

If there are light scratches before boxing, a conscientious company will not sell it as a regular product, but will sell it separately to a retailer like Dewyork. There are some scratches, but the quality is not compromised, and you can say that you are a wise consumer to buy a scratched product like this.

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core values

Our guiding principles for exceptional healthcare solutions


Sell near-expired and overstocked products at a reasonable price.


Add new value to discarded goods and deliver them to consumers quickly, safely, and cheaply.


We conduct ourselves with honesty, ethics, and professionalism. We take responsibility for our actions and uphold the highest standards in delivering reliable healthcare solutions.


We contribute to resource conservation by reinventing the value of near-expiry and B-grade products, which are discarded at a rate of more than 1 trillion won per year, and provide consumers with the opportunity to make thrifty purchases and live a wise consumer life, and producers with the opportunity to increase their profits and motivation to produce through the promotion of their products and the expansion of distribution channels.

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