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About MEG Cosmetics

About MEG Cosmetics

Meg Cosmetics is a cruelty-free skincare brand that helps all skin types to get healthy and beautiful skin. “Beautifying yourself” is Meg’s number one priority and Meg gives one’s confidence to boost with its unique and effective skincare products.  
Meg’s Two Step Jelly Mask line is one of Meg’s best-sellers since not too long after it was first launched.
Two-Step Jelly Mask is a sheet mask with a big sized cotton swap attached along with the mask in the package. This is very unique and different from other sheet masks because the cotton swap helps to get rid of any dirt or oil from your face before attaching the mask. The cotton swap also has moisturizing essence on the tip of the swap to avoid any harshness while using. Sometimes sheet masks can leave sticky texture on your face after using but Meg’s Two Step Jelly Mask does not have the sticky essence but it still moisturizes your skin afterward.
 There are 4 types of Two-Step Jelly Mask that suits for specific skin needs. Brightening & Nutrition, Firming & Radiance, Calming & Pore Care, and Moisturizing & Vitalizing picks for all.
Meg’s Two Step Jelly Mask is in stores and online currently. You can find Two Step Jelly Masks in Anthropologie, BMINE NEW YORK or Meg Cosmetics’ direct website.
The main goal from Meg Cosmetics is to give you the confidence from caring yourself and loving yourself. Meg’s Two Step Jelly Mask will give you this confidence from its effective result and Meg wants you to beautify yourself!
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